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Taytay_daily reader meets Taylor Lautner & works as an extra in Abduction!

The first story is from when I was at Hampton high school, Taylor was inches away from me (I even touched his back!) but before he turned around to sign my autograph, he had to go film (the motorcycle scene). My friend and I stuck around for hours and he came back out, but this time, he was swarmed so badly by girls (I blame security, they drove him to 300 girls, dropped him off and expected them all to behave, as if!) that he had to leave.

My friend and I were devastated that we didn't get our autographs, or pictures, so we made it our summer goal to find him and get a picture/autograph. We ventured out to Mt.Lebanon at all hours of the night at the end of July, and luckily enough for me, I caught him! It was the Friday after my 19th birthday (I had spent the night of my birthday hoping to see him) and my friend and I decided to camp out at base camp and hope to get an autograph after sitting through 3 hours of traffic to get to Mt. Lebanon.

At about 430 am Taylor's body guard, Spase, came out and warned us, Taylor doesn't have time for pictures or hugs, he can give you an autograph, but if you guys scream or rush at him, I'm taking him back inside. With that being said, we all sat down and anxiously awaited Taylor's arrival. There were about 30 or so other girls, and I'm sure every last one of them was screaming on the inside.
Finally Taylor came out and greeted us all, he was so sweet considering it was 5 am and he had worked all day! A few girls away from me mentioned to Taylor that it was her birthday, and he hugged her, what a sweetie yet again. When he finally got to me, I thanked him sincerely and mentioned that I spent my birthday hoping to get an autograph, and after I pouted, he looked at me, apologized and gave me a hug. :):) EEP!
After Taylor was done signing everything for everyone, we all said thank you, and he was on his way. Because my friends and I went to Mt. Lebanon so often, we began to recognize familiar faces that made the trip as well, one of the girls we became "friends" with even told us about how to be an extra in his movie. After taking some head shots, I sent my information to their email address, being hopeful.
After days of receiving no call back, I decided it wasn't meant to be. After a few more days, I was at Kennywood with my friends, and the next thing I knew I had a missed call from an unrecognized number, and a voice mail...when I checked my voice mail, it started out with, "Hi Candice, this is Emily from Abduction Extra's casting.." at that point, I knew that I had a chance. Without hesitation I called back in a quiet place and confirmed my availability for a day in August. When this day finally came I enjoyed being on set with Taylor, he and the cast even played Frisbee at one point! I was so close, I could've joined in the game, it was adorable watching Taylor playing around on set, but when it came time to be serious, he was exactly that.

After the eventful day on set came to a close, I headed home hoping I would have more opportunities on set. A couple of days later I heard that they needed more extras for another scene, so again, I sent an email. When I didn't receive a call, I decided that I would call them and take the initiative, my persistence paid off and they granted me 5 more days on set! Sadly, I could only work for 4 of them, but they were still amazing. After seeing Taylor as a fan, and then seeing him as a co-worker, I can really say that Taylor Lautner is one of the most genuine and caring people I have ever met. He's a very sweet guy and has a huge heart, he's hilarious to be around and I would repeat those days on set along with the days I saw him if I could. :)

Thank you Candice for sharing you story with us!


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