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Taylor Lautner in Pop Culture Movie Moments of 2010!

A few times a year, movies are able to transcend their basic purpose as escapist entertainment by making their mark on pop culture, from fashion and hairstyle statements to quotable dialogue, controversial themes and memorable performances, capturing the zeitgeist, or spirit of the times.

Here's alook back at 2010 and the movies that got people talking:

'Valentine's Day' (February 12) – Director Garry Marshall's ensemble romantic comedy may have fizzled at the box office like a bad date, but all eyes -- and tabloids -- were on cute couple Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, who dated briefly as a result of working together.


'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' (June 30) Twi-hards continued to line up in droves, beginning with midnight screenings, to drink in the third chapter of the Stephenie Meyer vamps vs. werewolves saga this summer. The world got plenty of shirtless shots of Taylor Lautner, not to mention the big-screen 'Twilight' parody 'Vampires Suck.'

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