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taytay_daily's Journal

Taylor Lautner News Community
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introduction to the community.

Welcome to taytay_daily, the largest Taylor Lautner community on livejournal, and a community for fans of the character Jacob Black and the actor that plays him, Taylor Lautner. Here you can post fanfiction, fan art, icons, fanmixes... anything relating to Jacob/Taylor.

Community Rules
Read before posting/commenting.

1. Please keep all posts Taylor/Jacob related.

2. Icons, graphics, videos etc must all feature Taylor or Jacob!

3. Icon posts must contain at least THREE icons which contain Jacob/Taylor in them, and they must be public (at least for a few days) if linked to.

4. You must use an LJ cut for any posts containing: fanfic, large pics (more than 200x300), icon post of more than 3 icons. A little tease is fine, then behind a cut it goes.

5. All entries MUST be tagged. We only have a few generic tags which are easy to remember, so please try to remember to add them. We will review and edit the tags where necessary, but it would be helpful if you tagged your own posts to begin with.

6. Friending memes and links to RPGs are NOT allowed.

7. Respect the opinions of others! No bashing of other members, Taylor Lautner or Jacob Black will be tolerated. If you are just here to stir up drama, you will be banned.

8. If any of the mods feel you are being inappropriate, not following the rules, or just here to cause problems, you will be banned from the community. The mods also have the right to reject any post they deem unsuitable for the community. If you have a question regarding the deletion of your post/comment or have a similar complaint, please message one of the mods or use our Page-a-mod message system.

9. If you know of a fellow Taylor/Jacob fan, send them this way!

Contact Us
get in touch with the mods.

Any questions, comments, or requests? The Page-a-mod will give you the fastest reply. You can also feel free to message any of the mods:

motokoayoama is the creator and the maintainer of the community.

Link us
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credit where credit's due.

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